30 June 2016

Kit List, What's In, What's Out - June 2016

A few posts back I decided to keep track of what I buy and sell for one year as I attempt to monitor my hobby consumption. So here's what happened this during June:

In - Purchases for June 2016

  • 2 x Airfix 1:72 Hawker Typhoon IBs - £5.98
Total Yearly (April to March) Expenditure - £119.22

Out - Downsizing for June 2016

  • None 
Just a couple a kits this month which will allow me to sell a larger box set and still build one the kits on my to build list.

As far as actually hobby progress, there's been none this month.

24 June 2016

Give Us Your Money - UK Miniature Bargains

I never imagined I'd be writing a post about politics, economics and miniatures, unless there was a really tenuous link, but events of today have presented an opportunity to do so.

It's been quite an eventful day in the UK, some bloke called Nigel decided he didn't like foreign people and 16 million people decided to join him in taking Britain out of the European Union. Rather than a super smooth exit, we as a nation have decided to take a crash and burn approach. This has left our currency, the Pound Sterling (£) at its second lowest level in my lifetime (and the last time it took months rather than hours to sink so low...).

So what's this got to do with miniatures? Well if you're outside the UK everything here is super cheap. So in true spirit of capitalism you might want to take advantage of our misfortune and bag a few bargains.

In a show of solidarity for my fellow Brits here's a couple of small companies I can recommend:

Via Facebook

The excellent Hasslefree Miniatures, I've bought from them plenty of times (just not not got round to painting anything for the blog yet).


Via Facebook

Bad Squiddo Games, who have the best selection of female miniatures I've encountered.

Probably worth taking a look at Airfix as well. Needless to say my planned purchases from abroad will be on hold for the moment, good job I have plenty to be getting on with...

31 May 2016

Kit List, What's In, What's Out - May 2016

A few posts back I decided to keep track of what I buy and sell for one year as I attempt to monitor my hobby consumption. So here's what happened this during May:

In - Purchases for May 2016

  • Games Workshop Liquid Green Stuff - £6.00
  • Warhammer Quest: The Silver Tower - £95.00
Total Yearly (April to March) Expenditure - £113.24

Out - Downsizing for May 2016

  • None 
Obviously one significant purchase in buying Warhammer Quest: The Silver Tower. I'd been searching for a board game for a while as a long term painting project and this one turned out to be ideal. With this and my Mordheim painting project. I should have plenty to be getting on with for some time now and don't really envisage any more miniatures purchases, (other than components), in the immediate future.

However one thing I have realised is that my paints will need refreshing as the Silver Tower features a lot of colours I've not tended to use much before now. I'll try and phase them in over the next few months as I paint certain batches of miniatures.

14 May 2016

Warhammer Quest: The Silver Tower

If you're a regular reader of this blog you'll know by now that I'm especially fond of Games Workshop's older dungeon crawl games, namely Advanced Heroquest (which I'm attempting to recreate) and Warhammer Quest.

Both of these games have been out of print for many years as the Games Workshop focused on it's core games, Warhammer 40K and Fantasy Battle. Fantasy battle of course underwent a controversial re-boot, which hasn't won everyone over, me included and became Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

In recent weeks there has been various leaks on the internet regarding a re-boot of Warhammer Quest within the Age of Sigmar universe, the game is called Warhammer Quest: The Silver Tower. This seems to in-line with the current policy of putting back games into the Games Workshop, which has up until now seen a number of Warhammer 40K games released. This is the first fantasy setting game in the growing range and in fact it's the first fantasy game since the original Warhammer Quest.

Today I visited my local store and got to see a copy of the game. Here are my thoughts.

Warhammer Quest: The Silver Tower - Source: Games Workshop (2016)
I really don't like the setting of Age of Sigmar and I suspect Games Workshop are aware that they still have to win many people over in this regard. The setting of this game seems to be intended to appeal to both older gamers like myself and the newer fans of Age of Sigmar.

If I recall the Warhammer Old World lore correctly the Silver Towers were magical realms of the sorcerers of Tzeentch, one of four powers of Chaos, that in this case have survived into the new universe. This in my opinion is very clever move; along with retaining the Warhammer Quest name. There's enough of a nod to the old, highly regarded, games that preceded it, while at the same time moving onto the new.

The villains have a decidedly Old World feel about them, but Tzeentch is the changer of ways after all and so that fits well. This means fans of both the old and new game worlds will have some familiarity with them. I got to see the actual figures today and I especially liked the new cultist figures and really hope they get a release into the Age of Sigmar world proper, if they do I'll be buying into Tzeentch at some point in the future. The main Tzeentch character is a delightfully insane old-school demon wizard called the Gaunt Summoner, again a nod to days gone by and one the painters amongst us will surely want to get their hands on.

As for heroes they are very much from the Age of Sigmar. I'm a bit sceptical about the Stormcast Eternal as a hero, but apart from that you get new updated versions of the dungeon crawl barbarian, dwarf, elf (in this case an assassin) and spell-caster along with a warrior priest (and his pet Gryph Hound). Having more than the standard four character to choose from is, again, another nice touch which ensures there should be something to appeal to everyone.

                                    The Heroes - Source: Games Workshop (2016)

So overall I think this looks like being a fantastic move for the Games Workshop and one I really hope pays off. If it does there are rumours that more expansions will follow. Rules also appear to be following the initial release which will allow more heroes, and possibly villains, from within the existing Age of Sigmar miniature range. With all that in mind the future's certainly looking bright for this one. Well done Games Workshop!

Personally it's been such a long time since I've been excited by the prospect of a new release. This one however has a good blend of old and new and ticks a lot of boxes as far as I'm concerned. So much so, that this afternoon, I went and pre-ordered a copy which should hopefully be with me in a week and a half. I can't wait!

30 April 2016

Kit List, What's In, What's Out - April 2016

A few posts back I decided to keep track of what I buy and sell for one year as I attempt to get my stash under control. So here's what happened this month:

In - Purchases for April 2016

  • Games Workshop parts (for a Mordheim project) - £12.24
Total Yearly (April to March) Expenditure - £12.24

Out - Downsizing for April 2016

  • Fujimi 1:24  Porsche 917K, 1971 Monza 1000km winner
  • Games Workshop 5x Marauder Horsemen box set
  • Eduard 1:144 Me 262A Dual Combo
  • Tamiya 1:100 Me 262A & Me 163B
  • AZ Models 1:72 MiG-17F / Lim-5 Fresco-C
  • Airfix 1:72 Hawker P.1127
  • Tamiya 1:48 Sd.Kfz.222 Armoured Car
  • Airfix 1:72 Hawker Hurricane / Sea Hurricane Mk IIc plus Eduard photo-etch detail set
  • Hobby Boss 1:72 Me 163 Interceptor (Easy Kit)
  • ICM 1:72 SB 2M-100 Katiushka
  • Special Hobby 1:72 Yakovlev Yak-23 Flora Warsaw Pact
It was a bit disappointing to see some of these go. They were all projects that at some time I'd intended to build; but hopefully they've moved on to somewhere where they'll actually get built.